Water Polo

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Water Polo

In 1985, water polo was introduced into the swimming training scheme as an opportunity for swimmers of all ages and abilities to enjoy another aquatic sport. Since its inauguration, many swimmers have taken to the sport and enjoyed success at all levels, many of whom would not have achieved this acclaim through swimming alone.

There are many age groups which swimmers can enter the polo section, from 11 years through to senior level. The various age groups compete in local, district and national leagues and have enjoyed success in all categories.

Training sessions are held at Sheffield Road and Wath swimming pools. The times are:

Sheffield RoadSunday          Juniors    12:30 pm
                    Seniors    1.15 pmWednesday    Juniors     7:45 pm                   Seniors    7:45 pm
WathTuesday  Juniors    8.15 pm

Without doubt, water polo has offered many the opportunity to continue within a sport which offers competition, friendship, travel and success, and which has enabled those who have moved to other areas of the country to participate in and associate with fellow sportsmen and women in a game which can be enjoyed by all ages.